Home, sweet home

Thanksgiving again. Who doesn’t love the idea of it? The idea, that is. Up until probably last week we were all excited to see distant relatives again, have a sit down meal and really get to catch up.

However, by now, a weekend of crowded grocery shopping, insane parking lots, nagging family members, traditions to follow, and an insanely large menu to be cooked all within the span of one or two days?

Yeah. I logged on SL too. ❤

So! A shopping spree later, and I feel all better! Plastik’s Bael Special Edition skins are absolutely amazing. As you’ve probably seen, I’m always pale as the undriven snow, but these had such an amazing glow and vitality to them that I couldn’t resist, and the makeup options had me agonizing over which to choose for an hour. They come with three different sets of her artfully created elf ears, all matching perfectly, and an interesting set of eyes. The original version had the right eye blacked out on an eye layer, and a white contact for the left, but I’m a sucker for Poetic’s eyes still, so I just shifted the contact to the right and colored it black.

Family = stress

Cause who, cooking thanksgiving dinner, hasn’t decided that running outside is more enjoyable at one point or another?

The new Miel boots gave such a delicate look to the whole ensemble, as well as the airy feeling of the skirt, so I threw on a few dark, rich colors to get the feeling of Thanksgiving in. It really is a lovely time of year, even with the stress!

So, no matter what your family does, or how they irritate you, just remember. There are more shoes in SL to be bought.

Oh for the love of Miel.


Skin – Bael Special Edition – Fuk – Plastik

Hair – Green – Maitreya

Eyes – Poetic

Sweater – Ballet Sweater – Fri.day

Skirt – Chifone – Oyakin

Leggings – Niniko

Shoes – Miel


The Paper Doll.

Since I heard last Sunday, I knew I wanted to post something here, but I couldn’t bring myself to think about it until today. Hayden Palmira, Dahlia Eilde, and Sarah Walsh were all names belonging to a beautiful, caring soul, who because of illness, is no longer with us.

I’d known of Dahlia for a long, long time, but never really her until she, Alco Gerstort, Nicolas Sinatra and I began to build Bishop Valley, the roleplay sim we had all built together. Day in and day out of joking on voice, from that I count myself lucky enough to have met Sarah.

No matter who bickered with who, it was all forgotten a joke later, and the attitude of girls versus boys, while maybe a little silly at our ages, was always the highlight of my day. Even as change took us apart, I still always held those memories and the closeness I got to have with Sarah and Scott very close to my heart, and so often I miss those days.

Coming to Missing Mile, I was lucky enough to be brought back to Dahlia and Nic, now Hayden and Lennon. As much as I cherished my old memories, we were forming new ones, and had I known how few we’d be able to make then, I would’ve cherished them all the more.

The past few days have been very difficult, and I know that there’s still a lot of dark road ahead, but I also know that no matter how dark it seems, she’s still there with all of us as we travel down the road towards healing. Even if we can’t always hear her, I know in my soul that she’s there, guiding us all towards being okay again.

Life will never be the same without her. Even with the relatively short time I was given with her, life is forever changed. But when the dust settles, and we’ve all finished crying our tears, we’ll know that she never really left us at all. She just found a new way to love us.

RIP Sarah Walsh



I’ve been trying to think about a good outfit to introduce this avi to the blog with, and thanks to OMGWTF Barbeque, I have it. ❤

I make antlers look gooooood.

I make antlers look gooooood.

I always have adored unique looking avs. My fawn started with the pack from Titania’s court, and I slowly started to piece together pieces I thought fit better. I’m finally done tinkering with it, and it needed a good outfit to be put on the blog, and the shirt from This Is a Fawn was perfect 😀 Note: This shirt was a Fifty L friday treat from a few weeks back and is not currently sold in her store.

Skin – Ash by Detour

Hoofs – Faun Legs Black by [Out of the Blue]

Tail and ears – BROWN Fawnification by Gritty Kitty

Antlers – Sika antlers by Illusions

Hair – Overpaid Stylist by (Epoque)

Shirt – Fawn Tee by This is a Fawn

Thermal – Longsleeve Layering Tee by Fri.day

Shorts – Short Jeans Black (from UPS) by :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Scarf – Long Scarf – Maitreya

PS – Hi Fashion feed! ❤


I didnt do it!

I didn't do it!

Today’s theme? Pretty. ❤ I love flowy things or things that you can’t help but go awwwww when you look at them, and Modd G.’s Jacinta Floral Dress in Purple doesn’t fail to impress. The empire waist gives a delicate silhouette, and paired with the structure of Fri.day’s Military Jacket in Black and Miel’s painfully adorable plaid Mary J’s, you can have that delicate feminine feel while still having a sense of empowerment.

Dressing room:

Skin – (Vive9)

Hair – Miel

Jacket – Fri.Day

Dress – Modd. G

Shoes – Miel



Structure be damned, but I love this outfit. This was a product of my shopping spree at Miel that has me broke but boy am I ever excited about it! From the fluffy pink tutu-like skirt to the adorable knee highs, this outfit, to me at least, screams girly. Miel has never ceased to impress me, and it’s impossible to wear this outfit without feeling absolutely adorable. ❤ Fab.Pony’s Ballet Top in Black does help to bring your floating back down to earth though, and really rounds up the rest of the outfit and is fantastic for layering.

Dressing room:

Skin – (Vive9)

Hair – Miel

Sweater – Fab.Pony

Undershirt – Miel

Skirt – Miel

Socks – Miel

Shoes – Miel

Today’s theme:  


Femenine, chic, and stylish, there was only one word that could properly define this blog. Second Life fashion for roleplayers and fashionistas alike!

Up first? Some hippie love. ♥

For the hippie in all of us. ♥

For the hippie in all of us. ♥

Skin: Vive9 – Twiggy

Hair: {HTD} Love Child (Coffee) Leather

Vest: Gigi Couture – Tan Cowboy Vest

Shirt: Vanitas Vesture – Festivale TP Top

Skirt: Gigi Couture – Vintage Floral Vines Dress – Bown Paisley Option 2

Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Salience Brown